Art Academy of Westchester


High School Independent Projects/Portfolio

2023 - 2024

High School Students

Instructor: Vicente Saavedra

Student with charcoal figure drawing.

High school students may join this class in order to work on fulfilling their portfolio requirements or learn the techniques of representational art.

Many of the great artists of the 19th and early 20th century, such as Manet, Degas, and Picasso, were traditionally trained. One method of teaching artists was to start drawing with still lifes, then drawing with cast figures, gradually transitioning to painting. This class follows this training. Students learn to draw directly from observation working with pencil and charcoal and gradually progressing into grisaille painting (gray scale). Colors will be introduced. Techniques such as sighting for proportional relationships, contour line, and shading are explored, with emphasis on the elements of line, shape, value, texture, space, and principles of strong composition. The student will train their eye to see accurate angles and size relationships and subtle differences of line, tone, form, and edges, while attaining a mastery over drawing materials including learning how to draw with the brush. Instruction will be tailored to individual student levels and needs.

Dates and times:

Subject to enrollment.

High School Independent Projects

  • Fridays 4:00pm to 5:45pm
  • Saturdays: First class 9am - 11am; second class 11:15am-12:45pm. Students can sign up to both classes with a discount.

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