Art Academy of Westchester


Drawing and Painting for Adults and Teens
Saturday mornings

2023 - 2024

Adults and Teens


Instructor: Vicente Saavedra

This class is for both beginner and intermediate students. Students can create their own project from a photograph, from a still life, or by consultation with the instructor. Techniques such as sighting for proportional relationships, contour line, and shading, will be explored with emphasis on the elements of line, shape, value, texture, space, and principles of strong composition. The student will train their eye to see accurate angles and size relationships and subtle differences of line, tone, form, and edges, while attaining a mastery over drawing and painting materials, including learning how to "draw with the brush." Instruction will be tailored to individual student levels, needs, and preferances.

High school, Intermediate and advanced students are welcome to bring their own drawing or painting projects. The instructor will provide guidance and support during the creation process. Most materials are included.

Dates and times:

All classes meet on Saturday mornings and are limited to 7 students.

Drawing and Painting for Adults

  • First class 9:30am - 11:00am; second class 11:15am -12:45 pm. There is an option to sign up for both classes with a discount. Please see Online Form.

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